Upgraded PC restarts everytime I try to play a game

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Hey guys, I just upgraded my PC, here are the specs

AMD athlon 64 4000+ chip 1mb l2 cache 2.4ghz
Radeon x1800xt 512mb graphics card
Asus A8R-MVP motherboard
2gb ram.

Old stuff: 120gb maxtor HD
20g generac dell HD
Logitech G5 laser mouse
Saitek eclipse keyboard
Old cd-rom drive

All inside a Thermaltake Xaser V case.

I installed this stuff in my existing case today, got everything plugged in and fired it up. Everything went normal blah blah.. Installed drivers for the new video card, everythign went well. Also installed drivers for the mobo ect. Everything went well until I tried to run a benchmark.. my computer restarted. Same thing happend when I tried to play cs:s... world of warcraft, guild war. I realized those sort of programs caused my computer to restart. System information says everythign is detected with no issues, so I dont know whats going on. : (

The only thing I could think of is that there was a power supply issue. Mine is 420w max when the card says it needs 450w max. So I got my friends 450w psu off of him and installed it with no hitches. Unfortunately this doesnt help at all, as i get the same problem. Whenever I attempt to play any game that uses my card my pc restarts. It works for everything else, including movies, but not games. I dont know what else to try. Anyone else have any ideas?

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