Upgrade dilemma


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So I'm looking to upgrade, but I'm not so sure what the best way of going about would be. Here's my current set-up.

Athlon X2 3800 (939)
2gb DDR

I'm thinking about upgrading to an Opteron 180, and 8800GT. Do you think the price on either of these products will fall significantly between now and March?

In the long run though, it might be better to get a new mother board that will support DD2 or 3, although that means a lot more money. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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for the 8800 yes, since the 8900 is due out in jan. or feb. the 8800 should drop a bit, maybe not significant its hard to say... but im not sure about the opteron..

yea i agree here with the upgrade to new motherboard, i was with 754 for a year (i know im WAY behind, but it worked and did what i wanted it to) and now im finally selling it and getting 8800gt and an am2 motherboard, i'd upgrade to am2 if i were you... or 775 if your an intel man, there is hardly anything out for 939 anymore and am2 seems to be where its at right now since they have everything from budget to 6000+ "gaming" processors, if you want hardcore gaming go with intel though...