Upgrade computers on a network controlled by a domain controller

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My client has windows 2000 and would like to upgrade his machines to XP Pro. I took a machine a new XP Pro machine over to the sight the other day and got the machine on the domain. However when I first tried to log into the machine at the windows login screen it took FOREVER to load personal settings. It just hung there and seemed to be doing nothing.

Is there a process that would make this upgrade nice and simple that I am leaving out? I have all the XP machines installed over there and all there settings are the way they like them I just do not have the domain controller managing the users and permissions. As far as they now everything is fine. However I know that this is going to be a problem down the road when new employees arrive and such.

Any suggestions on how to speed this up? I have the old 2000 computers still at there desks so if I need to hook them up for any reason that would not be a problem.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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