Updating my Compaq Presario 5000...help?


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I'm thinking about updating my Compaq Presario 5000 which still has Windows ME on it.
What I am thinking about doing is updating the RAM and also possibly the hard drive. I want to have Windows XP instead of ME.

Right now it only has 80GB of hard drive and 128MB RAM.

I'm updating this for my dad so he will have a computer to use. He won't need it for anything except checking emails and such.

Any thoughts on what I should do?
Should I just wipe the hard drive and upgrade the RAM so it can handle Windows XP?
Also there is something wrong with my sound. There's no sound playing at all. I don't know what's wrong with it. And when you install an OS does that update your drives?


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I would upgrade the ram to 1 gig install at least a 150 gig hard drive, and when you install windows xp the drivers for windows xp will be installed. You may also have to search for drivers on your own but windows will install most of them if not all. This does not mean that they will be the most updated drivers for your hardware.


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The first thing to do is go to the hp website and find the motherboard specs for your pc. They will give you the max memory spec and you will also be able to get the drivers for the sound issue that you describe. 80gb is plenty of hard drive for basic computing. Upgrade the ram first, then do a fresh install of windows xp. After you get those done, go ahead and get those sound drivers fixed. I will also tell you that if you use xp home on an older pc to stick with service pack 2. Service pack 3 tends to make the os unstable in older machines for some reason. Good luck!!

Almost forgot to tell you to make sure you backup all of your data before the install or you will lose it. I know it sounds basic but you won't believe how many people forget this simple but very important step.