*UPDATED* Changes to avatar and signature privileges


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When we moved to our current version of vBullletin our old usergroups did not transfer over as they should have. Because of this we have taken the opportunity to revamp what each usergroup's privileges should be for each rank. I am posting them here so that all can see them and so that they can be readily referred to when needed.

The main changes are additional avatar and profile picture privileges at first. Further along members earn signatures and large PM mailboxes.

Registered Users (0 -39 posts):
  • Avatars (no animations) 100 x 100
  • Profile pic, 300x300
  • 50 PMs
  • Standard Forum titles
  • No signatures, no posting to BST or Off Topic
Registered Users Extra (40 - 100 posts):
  • Same as above
  • Signature allowed, text only
Registered Users Extra BST (100 - 249 posts):
  • Same as above
  • 100 PMs
  • Graphics and text sigs allowed, (1 Image) maximum size of 300 x 100 (according to the rules)
  • Buy/Sell/Trade forum and off topic available for posting
Registered Users Extra 2 (250+ posts):
  • Same as above
  • 500 PMs
  • Custom animated avatars allowed, 120x120
  • Graphics and Text sigs allowed, maximum size of 600 x 150 (according to the rules) (3 images max)
  • Custom forum titles.
  • Set self to invisible