unwanted windows.


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i just formated and partition the hdd on this p.c.
now when i boot it up, it shows four installations of windows showing up.
it asks me which one it should boot from.
the three other installations were on the hdd before i formated it.
i can't understand how they are showing up again.
anyway, how would i stop these other installations showing up on boot up, so that it boots streight to the new instalation?


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You could not of done a complete reformat, you must of just installed them on top of each other.

Remember to delete the partition in the Windows setup.


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does each of them run ok? if they dont then just boot into the working one and edit the boot.ini file so it only loads 1 os. if each of the diff windows work and you are sure you formatted, etc then they may all be loading up the same os. basically id just try editing the boot.ini file if you can, but be careful


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cheers for info guys, but too late!
i reformated that partition again, and all is well.
i partitioned the hdd first time i did it, and think i only formatted the new part!
what a nob!!