Unreal II (drool)

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I cant believe i just learned this today! Man! Unreal II is comming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! Best part about the first one was Tactical Ops, hehehe, i hope they make TO for the 2nd one too. But the graphics on this thing look awesome! and I'll have my new computer built in 5-6 months, soooo I can play it then.

Anyone else looking forward to this? I AM I AM!
I'm definitely looking forward to this; as I played a leaked alpha a while back. Though the graphics then weren't that impressive, they have improved somewhat through the updates of the engine.

And there will also be a sequel to UT, under the name of UT2003, which should be out sometime this summer.
I dont know, but the UT2 graphics on the fire looked frickin awesome, oh well, Oh, and whats the advantage of the Athlons over the Pentiums?
The graphics look more impressive now; requiring a GeForce2 (NV15 family) card or higher to get acceptable performance.

More effective floating point calculations on AMD CPU's... while Intel tries mainly focusing on clock speed, AMD tends to focus more on its chip architecture.
I heard that UT2003 was being released 8-13-02 .. may just be a rumour as I hadn't seen mention of it yet on the UT2003 website.
GimiMyGF4Ti4600 said:
It says it is comming out this summer, so...anyways whats the difference between 2003 and II?

While UT2003 will primarily be focused on multiplay; U2 will continue the storyline of the original Unreal series and its single-play gameplay.
WEll.. I can say this.. I.. uhm.. have played the demo of UT2003...and with my GF3Ti200 it pretty well ROCKS! the graphics are awesome.. and the weapons... w00t!!!! :D
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