uninstalling suse linux 10.0

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k, hi, i wanna uninstall suse linux 10.0 AND GRUB. i read some guides on how but im still confused. btw i am currently dual booting with windows xp pro sp2, anywayz. i was thinking is it possible to, on windows xp, to go to my computer then manage then disk management and delete the partition that linux is on, or will that just kill the hard drive space? and how do u remove grub, 1.5.
no wait he didnt, because when i put in the xp cd and boot from it it gives me the options to press f6 for scsi and raid majigys, and f2 for automated system recovery, is that what i want to remove the bootloader or is there another way.
Why can't you boot into windows and format the drive/partition it is on and after that, reboot and put the XP CD in and go into repair and type in 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' and then 'exit'.
because i dunno how to get into the repair section, the only choice i have is to go to f6=scsi and raid, f2= automated system recovery. where do i go to do the fixboot and fixmbr?
O.K taking it one step further,

Go to Control Panel> Administative Tools>Computer Management> Disk Management> Delete Partition

Reboot Machine

Now boot from your XP boot disk

On the first screen select repair

Run 'fixmbr'


Hope this Helps,

Stick the Windows CD in, walk away and come back 30 minutes later. You are wanting to select restore to early, let it finish booting from the CD. Then restore will be an option.
k ill try that
lets see if it works.

although not sure where the repair option is.
k when i go into the repair section, it says pick which one of windows to w/e and press enter. now......im very confused. and its only 1 letter

OH CR4P, i forgot my password.
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