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I have been having lots of problems with Windows XP ie. my disk drives disappearing and my A drive has just started this nasty habit. If you have any input on that it would be appreciated. Now the problem is that Windows won't let me roll back. The error message is that it cannot roll back because I have a different number of drives than when Windows XP was installed. And, in fact, this is true Windows was installed when there was one hard drive in my machine and now there are two.

Can anyone help?

Press F8/Ctrl when the system boots up to get to the startup menu and choose 'Last Known Good Configuration' and try the system restore feature as well.

Or, if the above don't work out and if you performed an upgrade, it is possible to uninstall through Add/Remove programs to revert to the previous OS.
I tried the Last Know Good Configuration and it didn't help.
Using Add Remove doesn't work per the error message in my last post.
How do you do System Restore?
If I understand you correctly and you're saying that your A: (meaning your floppy or zip) drive has started to not "show up" in Windows, then your problem may be hardware related. Check and see that your IDE cables (the long, flat grey ones) are connected properly to your drives. It may or not be the problem, but it is something worth checking.
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