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Well, my area, im not sure if it is all of Ontario, or just the Niagara region, is getting some new hydro meters this week. There what they are calling "smart meters: well, they pretty much double the cost of electricity throughout half of the day. So to off set the increased electric that i will not to be able to afford, i have to turn off my folding rig permanently, and as well my gaming computer during the day, it will from now on only run at night, so im going to be going down to barely even folding. I figure i can afford to keep it on during the night, because it is cheapest then, for i can still at least contribute some to the team.

As far as i know it is going to be implemented Sunday. Who the **** came up with this idea...
My town has had this for a while.. They've been in the local news a lot because of it :tongue:
I have no idea. Apparently it is for people are more environmentally aware of our power consumptions, so in other words, if you don't acknowledge when you should use the electricity according to them, then they charge you up the *** for it.
That's too bad... I see some down sizing in my future as well, my parents finally caught on that my computers are what is making the electric bill so high lol.

I'll probably stick with just my folding rig for a while
That's **** bad mate, the team is def gonna suffer without you.

My folding is up and down atm. Got hte 980x at 4Ghz (voltage climbs WAY higher at 4.2) and I WOULD be getting ~22kppd but dad/mum keep turning off my rig while I'm at work
Yeah, nice of the province isn't it?

From Ontario Hydro's webpage: Ontario Hydro Rates and Electricity Retailers in Ontario

"Throughout 2009, utilities across Ontario replaced meters used by residential customers to introduce Time-of-Use meters, so called, "Smart Meters".

The utility companies use a different pricing formula for customers with time-of-use meters, since these meters can not only report on how much electricity you use but also when you use it."

Once these meters hit here my folding will have to change as well.
If folding, which is 24/7, the average price is 7.5 cents/kwh.

Oddly, the under 1000 cost right now is only 5.8cents plus transmission and crap costs, and 6.7cents and crap.

Wow wtf they jack costs huge on us, almost doubled!
Yha, the smart meters are good and bad. They kill you during the day, but its dirty cheap at night. Its to offload washing and dishwashers to non peak hours.
dirt cheap? no its not, right now there is a default cost of 5.6 a kw when this is implemented it will be 5.3. It goes down by .3 of a cent, and the during the day almost doubles. So no, they are completely bad for people, the only reason they are being implemented is to get them more money, and to try to get people to use electricity at night because it is cheapest then. During the peak hours which i believe if memory servers is like 6 hours of the day or something, it cost 9.9....the rest of the day costs 8.6 or something like that (in the 8 area). So to offset the electricity that i will not be able to change when i use it (lights, fridge, etc) is why im turning off my folding rig even at night.
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