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Hello all,

Corona virus has suspended my road warrior habits and inspired boredom, but thankfully I got a poor sod to leave the safety of their house for $10 in exchange for an incredibly terrible computer to tinker with. It's an ASUS X551M with a 1.86Ghz Intel Celeron N2815, 4gb of DDR3, and a 500gb 5400rpm drive with drumroll Windows 10 Home.

It's actually quite terrible, I've already had it apart to find that there is only 1 dimm slot and I cannot upgrade the ram further. I did take the opportunity to clean it up and put AS5 on the cpu. I benchmarked it and was impressed to see it score lower than most now-20ish year old processors. It also runs incredibly hot even with a fan due to the small surface area of the heatsink.

I've installed Intel's XTU but it fails at install claiming it does not support the platform. It's been a minute since I've touched at this so I wanted to know if anyone had something up their sleeves. Obviously this is for entertainment only and I don't care if I end up damaging it.


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Been setting up a second drive with windows7 on it so i can mess around with older games that won't play on windows 10. Now playing some of the games i haven't played in a long time.