Unchecking Hibernation Tab?

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Hello Everyone: I have xp home edition Preinstalled! If i uncheck Hibernation, then go back to it to put check mark back in, so i can use it, it will not stay checked anymore! I had to use System Restore to get it back! Is there a better way to get it back and why can't i just put check mark back in to get it back? Any idea's from anyone? Thanks Tom
XP Home eh?

Well, the first thing that i would question myself.. is do you have administrative privelages on your account. To check this, go to control panel, and user accounts. Look at who you are logged in as.

If that doesn't work, go into safe mode by restarting it, pushing F5, and then select Safe Mode. This will pull up the Administrator( The highest authority in XP) account. From this, you should have no restrictions on what you can do.
mrdinkel: No i have full administrative privleges. Do you have xp and do you loose it if you uncheck the Hibernation box?
sounds fishy,, i run XP pro... I disable hibernation due to the disk utilization that it hogs!,, dont see the need for it really?

now, considering that XP is a DYNAMIC operating system,, any changes should be made without rebooting,, so when you uncheck it,, and then recheck it,, there should not be an issue,,

what is the history of the machine,, is this a clean install,, a true copy of the OS,, why are you doing this unchecking anyway?

what you are doing should not be an issue,, what is happening sorta is,, but some of them you can live with,,

CrashAbbott: You have got to be kidding me? if you dont have an answer, please step aside and let someone who might have a reply to my problem talk Thanks
Ok, if you check my sig, you see i have XP home. Yes, you do disable the hibernation feature if you uncheck it. But, as in every OS, you can just as easily re-enable it with the click.

So i can see for myself what the issue is, open it up to the area you are talking about, and push the printscreen button. Paste it into paint, save it and upload it.
MrDinkel: Your right all OS should allow you to check and uncheck Hibernation but i have OEM Preinstalled and maybe there is a difference, i dont know. Is yours Preinstalled? Here is the screen shot, Thanks Tom


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Nope, mine is an upgrade from 98. Another thing you might try is logging off and logging back on to restore it.

Sometimes the tricks of the NT/2000 base are not quite fixed in XP. For another example of this, try control userpasswords2. It will pull up a 2000 extension
I think this only happens on xp Preinstalled HP pc's! Restart does not do it! I could be wrong but i think in preinstalled, if you uncheck this box, it does not disable it, IT Removes it, I mean the whole file and i have to use system restore to get it back! But i dont see the point of being able to check or uncheck the box, if it does not work. These Preinstalled pc's are always different than a regular xp, you have to watch what you can change and what you cannot! I would like to find out the file name that makes up Hibernation.
tomstech said:
CrashAbbott: You have got to be kidding me? if you dont have an answer, please step aside and let someone who might have a reply to my problem talk Thanks

HAHAHAHA... that is GREAT. :D
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