Unbelievable problem!!

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I have a very unusual problem. All of a sudden my Internet has become very slow. All pages load very slowly. After much tweeking with no results I discovered this. When I set the PC time back 1 day the internet works perfectly. All pages load at lighting speed. Change it back to current day and it slows to a crawl. Unbelievable. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My system
Win XP Pro
Roadrunner ISP
IE 6.0
Amd Athlon XP 1900
512 DDR Memory
Shuttle AK35 GTR MoBO
40 Gig Maxtor
May be your cable modem connection there... even though most ISP's have upgraded their network infrastructure, traffic routing problems still occur when many people try to go online at once.

http://www.broadbandreports.com is a nice place to check your settings (info on your ping rate / latency, suggestions, etc.), and help 'tweak' the connection.
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