Unable to detect portable hard drive

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I had a portable hard drive (80G) connected to my laptop, and I could see a drive being assigned to the device in My Computer.
Just recently after a improper shutdown when some software failed, the portable drive was gone in My Computer.

Disk management shows nothing of the connected HD. When the portable hd is connected, "the safely remove hardware" still shows that the hard disk is there and can be disconnected, just that I can't seem to locate it and get any files.

Did the portable hard drive fail and lose all data and format, or is there a way I can try to locate it again.



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Hmm, if you cannot see the drive or anything anymore, then unplug it and uninstall the drivers associated with it. Then plug it back in again and let it reinstall those drivers. After you have done this check to see if you can see the harddrive in my computer.
Note: to uninstall a driver, right click on My Computer>Properties>Hardware>device manager, then look for the hd. Try not to get the internal hard drive confused with your portable one.


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So you attempted to find the drive in Admin tools/Disk management out of control panel? Generally, if a drive has lost format recognition, it will show up in Disk management as "unallocated" and the drive Icon will not display in My Computer until after it is allocated in Disk Management.
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