Umm Changing The Look Of The Toolbar


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I was wondering if you could change hte toolbar of Windows XP SP2, if so how? I know hwo to change the colour of it and everything but i wanted to know if there are any programs that you can download to make it look more sci-fi style to suite my desktop wallpaper.
Thanks :)
PS i don't have much on my desktop lol i have them all in the program list :) too many shortvuts bagging up my screen



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I mentioned it maybe it was me? lol
anyway, you can change the look by using different visual styles, they also change the look of folders, menus, etc. there are some nice ones here:

to make them work you can use the UXTheme patcher and copy the style files to C:/windows/resources/themes I think it is, and they will appear in "windows and buttons" under the "appearance" tab in Display Properties.

You can find the patcher here:
(this is used to tell windows it can use visual styles not made by microsoft)

you can also use a program to do it for you, like windowblinds or stylexp which are more userfriendly, but unfortunately not free.

If this looks like what you want and you choose the free way, just ask for more help if you need it... once you get the hang of it its lots of fun :D