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I'm not sure what kind of round up the questionable civilians Nazi tradition your runnin here and I'm not sure I like it. Look, the simple fact is, a couple nights ago while I was surfin the net, on my challenging task of finding websites with hot pictures of HAIRY PREGNANT LACTATING SHEMALES my computer stoped loading the thumbnails. Nothing but blank placeholders with a red X in a white square in there. And well after reading what you, obvious, GEEKS WITH TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS had typed up so far on this sight I figured you'd be the ones to ask. So why ain't my treasured HAIRY PREGNANT LACTATING SHEMALES pics loadin up?:D

Seriously tho,:amazed: I wish I had found this sight earlier I might be more smarter than I am now. But then how was I supposed to know that a search using an Iraqi web weasel with the keywords HAIRY PREGNANT LACTATING SHEMALES would have brought me here!?!

Just trying to stay away from political banter is all. Nice being here it's a great site and in all seriousness It's about the only sight that I've run a search for a particular item that actually had results.;) But that will be in the hardware thread soon enough.
ummmmmm.... glad to have you. I think.
Ah well thanks when I get the strength up i'll post the unresolved battle that's haunted me for the last 48 hrs and you'll understand the sarcastic dark side that has reached the surface.

Now other than that I'm just some 33 year old guy that loves messing around inside the case. I have 2 boys that are a bit more than a handful. I Love rock"n" roll, college football, reptiles, and my wife. I live here in the States NM to be exact and have been messing around inside computers for about 4 years now and enjoy it quite alot. Well up until 2 days ago but that's a story for another thread.
um...I'm not trying make this sound like an attack, but if you're calling us "Geeks with too much time on your hands", then where do you people with "no time" get the time to search for "HAIRY PREGNANT LACTATING SHEMALES"?

Actually, I envy the people with too much time on their hands; I barely have any. And if you're wondering how I post here, it took me about 20 seconds to type up this post :) .
Why a woman such as yourself would bother responding at all is beyond me. While I'd admit I would have hoped more people would have found the sarcastic humor entertaining, I certainly didn't expect that anyone would have taken the post as a serious assault on techies.

Point #1. nobody I know or care to know is looking for "hairy pregnant lactating shemales."

no need for any other points.

No really how do you post here?!? I'm not sure what you meant by that statement but if you got a secret feel free to share with the class.

Again I say Hi everyone nice place ya got here.
DAMN IT! Why the **** does everyone here regard me as a woman? Seriously.

On the other note, sorry about that. I am feeling very sick, I was very overwelmed with a brickload of paperwork to do, and wasn't in such a good mood...I shouldn't have taken you so seriously.
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