Ultimate Gamers PC Specs?

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Well, #1 on the list will be the MSI Geforce 4 Ti 4600 Video Card, it will last you for many, many game releases.

Next you'll want a good Motherboard. I would suggest a Soyo.
High end Athlon XP, or a Hammer, if its out by then.

512mb or more DDR

Big ole 7200 RPM HD, not an IBM "Deathstar"

Ans a soundblaster X-Gamer 5.1, no doubt. Lemme know if ya want some more specifics.
ATI Radeon 9700.

ASUS MoBo for Pentium Chips or Soyo for AMD.

40 GB or more at 7200 RPM

Like Ecniv said 512 DDR or better.

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (Supports 6.1--- mmmm sound)
Look at either the Ti4600 or IMO go with the Radeon 9500 Pro. If you've got the cash go with the 9700 pro. If you are going to wait for each part, wait for the Geforce FX if you can.

Mobo-Asus boards are good, same with Soyo's.

Go with DDR ram, and any Proc. I haven't noticed a difference between AMD and Intel, as long as it's above about 1.3 ghz you cant notice a huge difference in games. Most games are more on the vid card then the proc.
Radeon is much better than Geforces in so many ways its pathetic and in 12-18 months everything today will be obsolute, for one the 64bit clawhammer will be out which will end the 32bit chip technoligy we use today for high performance machines...

What will be so great about the clawhammer is that unlike the pentium Itanium it will also work with 32bit OS and applications... first chip ever to do so, meaning you'll be able to use the clawhammer for both platforms
lol, what are some of these "so many ways"?

Maybe the higher number of factory defected cards? Or maybe the compatability issues people have been having with ATI cards for years?
Is it the unusually problematic drivers? Or the lack of helpful support?

Hmmm... I think ill stick with Nvidia, even if the 9700 pro benchmarks higher, is it worth it?
Defective cards from ATI? never ever heard that one, bad support for store-brand mobo's, YES...always.. Radeons are never the card to put in your hewlett packard or Gateway but other than a small mobo compatibility issue they had when they released the 9700 pro they havent had any worse problems, but the truth is you cant put a powerfull card in a janky mobo, keep in mind 90% of people in this country go to a store, buy a card and try to plug it in without even knowing there AGP version, Mobo type or chipset... this is why ATI has so many problems..

nVidia's attitude towards making there cards "idiot proof" and highly compatible with most everything is what makes them fail, dont build a junk card for every computer, build a super card for super computers.... why would anyone see it differently?

and the 9700 pro didnt just beat the Geforce 4 Ti, at some games the 9000 beat it ass well, the 9500 beat it in more games than not and the 9700 anihilated it usualy with 20-30 FPS more in each game... thats not a "slight" difference
Well, I have an older 128 (32 MB) rage fury pro (ATI) with TV out. The only real "problem" with it is that when I use the tv out my monitor desk top is resized to "old foogy" resolution. Apparently there is nothing I can do about that and it is a known annoyance with the card.. otherwise it's been great...

I hope it's not out of the spirit of the thread here but I have an MSI 694T Pro board and I want to upgrade the processor... right now I have a 733 celeron. The specs that came with the board say that I can go up to a 1.7 tualitin processor but the manufacture site states the highest I can go is 1.3... Has anyone used the tualitin processors and which specs do you think I should go with??????
The GeForce FX is gonna cleany beat ATIs cards for a while.

Also the NV35 (GeForce FX2 or so called Super FX is also on its way, half done) Heard NV35 is gonna be like Titanium and NV30 is gonna be like MX. Thats just what I heard, non officially.
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