Uh-Oh Kazaa!

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Yah I've heard Kazaa Lite has some spyware probs, but the version I have has been hacked down by a guy and all thats left is the shell of the application, thus why its called K++.
I had doubts about it in the first place so I ran spybot and ad-aware before and after its install and nothing had been changed.
I have never had problems with Kazaa Lite and spyware

It's 100% clean, ive used it for years. I scan with alot of stuff, and if their was any spyware, i would also know.
On December 19, 2003, the Dutch Supreme Court confirmed that Kazaa peer-to-peer technology and its distribution is legal.

On April 25, 2003, Judge Stephen J. Wilson of the United States District Court for the Central District of California ruled in favor of Streamcast Networks, Inc. and Grokster, Limited, distributors of peer-to-peer software which functions similarly to Kazaa, in a summary judgment concluding that such peer-to-peer software and its distribution is legal.

I was so happy when I read that. I don't use Kazaa(I like Limewire better), but its a step in the right direction. I don't share any of my files so I'm not too worried to begin with. I've tried to find Kazaa lite, but to no avail. But I have Limewire Pro, so I'm a happy bugger.
Actually, only sharing is illegial. Downloading is legal for some reason. I don't really think of it as stealing, since someone else bought it already, and you're just taking it from them(With their consent). I don't really see why I should buy a ten dollar CD when I only like one or two songs on the album. Thats just my take on the subject, though.
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