Uh-Oh Kazaa!

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we always have win mx and mirc. they will never bring mirc down and p2p will never die. as anubis said, as one door closes, another opens...
P2P would rule if it weren't for the massive population of idiots on networks like Kazaa who share fakes (for example, go download the 700mb copy of "Splinter Cell" on Kazaa. You'll be surprised to find out that it's actually the movie Rambo: First Blood), virii (ie. that 45kb copy of Doom3.exe), or incorrectly named files (ie. search for Max Payne and you come up with "Unreal Tournament 2003.exe" that ends up being NHL2002 or something stupid).

P2P as a concept works fine but when put into practice, a few idiots can really make things difficult. Just like communism I guess :)
yeah i know what you mean paradox i tried downloading bf1942 and it was nhl2002 and i tried d/l daredevil and it the barber or something. I guess it was my fault for not buying it but it is annoying. They should use tat sig2dat more so we know its a genuine virus free file.
Well that is not the only problem with p2p programs like Kazaa. They also have alot of spyware, which is really annoying. That's why i use this program called Ares. Not as popular as Kazaa, but no spyware at all...
Garg, I hate fake files... A while ago, I was fed up with Kazaa... All those incorrectly named MP3 files with wrong artist names... :mad:

When I want to try a game, or watch a movie (I don't burn 'em, I just watch once and then delete. If I really like the movie, I buy the DVD with all the features.), I use Overnet/eDonkey2000/eMule (spyware free)... combined with some database sites which contain links to verified working files. :cool:
I rarely use Kazaa anymore. The version of Kazaa I'm running is called Kazaa Lite K++, which is great because a) its freeware b) no spyware included in the installation of it. Unfortunatly, I think it's fairly hard to find a copy of it now, I backed up my install file onto a cd-rw.
Mostly I use mIRC though (in conjunction with www.ircspy.com) and it works easily 20 times better than Kazaa. I never worry about fake files or spyware (although there is the occasional spyware in a crackfile). I used to use BitTorrent, but found it annoying that I had to share lots of stuff before I could get good download rates. I always backup my downloads on CD and then delete them which makes for not many shared files on my pc.
But yah, the man will keep trying to stop mp3 downloading and pirating, but there's always going to be people out there finding other ways of doing stuff. I don't know why they don't start more P2P systems in Canada, because here its perfectly legal to share files.
kazaa lite is full of spyware mate i suggest you remove it.

file sharing is an interesting subject in law, you know its a human right that files on a computer can be shared, and thats why its hard to file lawsuits against individuals. P2P file shring is legal. What napster got caught for is that not only was there P2P but napster had their own hard drives in the companies name that stored copyrited files also for download by users at high speeds. Napster was only sued because they were a company illegally supplying individuals with the files.
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