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Hey guys,

I have been searching the archives and as a result, ran Maxtor PowerMax (low level format), then installed XP. Worked great, except that my 160gb HD was partitioned as a 130gb drive. Ok cool, thought I would go into XP's drive manager, see the unformatted 30gb and make it into a logical drive.

Well, to make things short, it's simply not there. Windows only recognizes the 130gb partition.

So, do I have to run a win98 boot disk, Fdisk, then install XP


Run Delpart and maybe even delete the MBR and then continue forward?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

there is size limit for what windows recognises. You should have gotten and installation program with the drive to overcome that. If not check their website.
I have a 160gb WD and XP recognizes 149.04gb. There is a certain percentage you take off from what the manufacturer says it is. I beleive its about 7%. So 7% from 160 is 148, so give or take a few.
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