two control panel tricks

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All Seeing Eye
hey there.
Do you have this really irritating yellow speaker in your taskbar and want to remove it? no problem:
press start -> settings -> control-panel -> multimedia -> mark out the option []Show Volume Control on taskbar.
Do you happen to press the Caps Lock button mistakenly when blind typing and then you get all of the next letters 'big'? won't it be nice to hear a voice? well, this option is based in windows, it will give a tone from the board (like old dos games ;)) whenever you press Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock:
press Start -> settings -> control-panel -> Accessibility Options -> check the box []Use ToggleKeys.
there are some other useful options in this Accessibility Options, look around :)

well, enjoy this time tips&tricks from TF crew ;)
On the other hand, have you just finished installing Windows XP and you're wondering what happened to that handy little grey speaker in the system tray? Start -> Settings -> Control-panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Put a check beside "Show Volume Control on taskbar" :)
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