TV Tuner Card? For FiOS


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Well I never purchased a tuner card before

I just want to watch FiOS TV on my computer

but I don't understand the analog/digital thing

just point me to a newegg link that I can purchase


thanks a bunch


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here is one
i have it in my pc
im using Vista and i just have Windows Media Center set to record any tv/movies for me
and i just do what ever else i want while it is doing so
- will only record one show at a time (like a VCR :( )
- very dependent on the signal coming into the card
if you have splitters add an amplifer in front of the splitter to keep a good picture
in my area all of them are digital
but i have cable so im not worried right now


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So I could just plug in the coaxial cable directly to that card ?
and get some local channels ?

or do I have to get another FiOS top box for that card ?

I really have no understanding of how cable works

so yea I appreciate it


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okay if my research is correct
FiOS is a verizon thing that you get
im assuming its your cable tv
you should just be using coax cable (standard cable tv line)
in which case you just plug that into the digital coax in on the back of that card
(they are labled)
and then have windows do all of the heavy lifting
i have insight at my house with a cable box and BB inet
i just have a coax cable conected to my card and it works like a dream
i just need to amp the signal because i have a splitter installed in there
but yes it should work w/o another box
if it doesnt then i have mislead you or something like that

if you are getting tv from the air (bunny ears)
then just plug the bunny ears into the card
most of the newer antennas are using a coax cable
so that should work as well

i have alot of people asking me how to hook up their converter boxes (at work)
i work at the shack
and all of the antennas that we sell use a coax cable to connect to the tv
if you have an older one
then just buy a new one for 11 or so
and that should work providing you are getting a strong enough digital signal at your house
if not
then get an amplified antenna
and it will allow you to get the weaker signals that you might not get other wise

if you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask :D


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Awesome thanks

I just know that you cant plug in the cable directly to a TV and get channels
Need the top box

but if windows does the same thing the Top box does.. that works

Oh I have a splitter in the attic... goes from 1 line to 5 separate lines (1 for each room)

Do I need an amp?
They sell em' on newegg?



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yeah they sell em every where
an amp will boost the signal (the image that will come into the PC)
so an amp cant hurt
the worst thing that can happen is an audio & video distorion
its happened a couple of times on me
im not 100% sure on the top box thing
but it cant hurt to try you know


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All digital cable channels are encrypted and therefore you will need another set top box from your provider to decode them.