Turn an Old PC into an Aquarium

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I think it would be cool to turn a old case into a fishtank, just throw a mobo you dont care about in there and add a side panel window. Then just silicone up the rest and bam you got a fishtank!
I'd much rather see a fishtank used as a PC case... Oh wait... Holy forum stretch, Batman!

^^^^ eh it's a bad idea in general to do that.

There is no circulating in the tank so after awhile(sort while actually) the water will just heat up to the point it's doing more harm than good. It'll be cooling the GPU, CPU, north/south bridge, HDD, PSU, etc etc etc all by itself. Fans won't work because of too much drag. So the only cooling the water will get is basically the ambient temp outside of the case cooling the tank a bit and then that cooling the water a little bit....not much at all.

Plus it'd be such a hard process to use water for this. You'd have to make sure it's basically 100% water (no extra minerals n junk in it) and probably would have to clean everything else in a sterile environment (Like the motherboard, I'm sure there is some sort of metallic residue on it that's left over from the manufacturing process..so it'd have to be clean so it wouldn't mix with the water and short the board).

Cool idea while it's floating around your head but a lot harder to actually accomplish lol
ahhh no man, i'm not trying to crush any hopes n dreams here lol. Just saying it's one of those things you have to know what you're getting into before you get into it. And that it's not going to be a super cooled machine o powerfulness lol :p

Would be cool to use it as an aquarium though. But would be kinda hard to actually use as a pc. You could always use some type of non-conductive oil instead of water. There is actually a custom pc website thing that does this. They use some kinda silicon based oil or something to "liquid cool" the whole pc. Has some kind of external fan thing on top or something to kinda move it around n everything. Dunno how well it works but the oil stuff is expensive (I want to say it's $100+/gallon but I can't remember). BUT there has been a thread about this subject before on this website with the website I mentioned brought up there too..so maybe you can search for it and find it if you really want to look into this.
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