Trying to get a better connection to my xbox


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My connection to xbox live is way better when it's wired to the router than when it runs on wireless or when I have it hooked up to the power line networking kit (Rocketfish™ Powerline Networking Kit : Rocketfish). The router is about 100 feet away from my xbox so having it wired all the time isn't an option with the wire running through my house. I kept getting disconnected from live so I tried port forwarding and that fixed it.

I have a Netgear DG834Gv4 router/modem combo with AT&T as our ISP. I have their Elite broadband speed at 6000 down and 600 up but usually I only get between 1000 and 2500 down and 500 up.

My problem is that I need to find a way to boost the connection to my xbox without moving the router, having wires running through the floors of my house, using wireless, or that powerline kit. I know that I could just get a higher speed internet but that's kind of a last option.

Any suggestions?


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Repeaters will by nature cut the speed in half. If you can run the wire in a crawl space or in the attic as the case may be, would be an option you could explore.


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Some questions are more important than others. I'll bold the ones that are very important. Some minor ones i threw in there as a "just incase" type of question since something may be happening even you're unaware of, such as a torrent being seeded and forgot about. I've done that before.

Where is your router placed, is it up high or closer to the floor?
Is the xbox on the same floor as the router?
Any cement walls or walls in general between you and the router?
Any motors or high inductance items between you and the router, such as large fans or a/c's?
Which router do you have? If it's a dd-wrt compatible one you can flash to dd-wrt firmware, and up the wattage to 251, much better signal for free.
Any other hosts on your network that might be taking all the bandwidth?
Do you run any other high bandwidth servers, like minecraft or 30+ Slot fps servers?
Are you torrenting and using most of the bandwidth?
And last but not least, which type of encryption is the router using? The speeds will drop for more secure encryption slightly.

As a side note, there's wallmount zip-tie stickies from you can buy for $3 shipped. You get 100 of 20x20mm ones to put on the walls and ceilings and can zip tie ethernet with them. I know you're not into running ethernet, but this might be an alternative instead of on the floor.