Trying to connect through 2 different routers.


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Ok so here is my situation. I have 2 different internet connections because I live in the country and my service provider doesn't have a package that allows over 100GB of data per month. So I purchased a second line with everything that my first package had so I have an additional 100GB and the speeds that come with it. Now I use one connection for my gaming and downloads and the second will be for netflix and the kids ipads and media devices.

Now my problem is I have my main computer which I use to stream media to all the devices in the house. This computer is off limits to the kids and I use my first connection for it as well as my xbox so I can manage my own data. The second router is connected to every other device in the house on my second connection. Problem is my media is on my computer on the first router and I want to be able to stream the media to every device in the house without them being able to use any of the data of my first connection. Is there a way to do this? Will simply bridging the connections on my media computer work, or will that also share the data with everything else? Will it even work for sending media? Can someone help me out with this? I know it is a complicated and very rare problem to have.


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Set router 1 which is your kids router as have dhcp setup in it.
Automatically assign the gateway up address via shop as this.

Set your private router as run no DHCP
Set your machine with a static IP, and set the gateway to
The machine is on the same network
And can be reached by any machine on the network.