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I have no idea where to start with this one so im going to jump in with both feet...=-)...Me and My husband want to play Warcraft3 on our LAN and i needed another copy so...he burned a copy at his brothers house and umm it didnt work...kept saying please insert your warcraft cd...i came here and read alot of the threads others posted and decided to download clonecd and clonyxxL....i made another copy with clonecd and ran it through clony and it says theres no protection detected ...but when i try to use still says the same thing {Please Insert Your WarCraft3 CD}..I really dont want to buy another warcraft original when thats kinda defeating the purpose of being able to burn one...but nothing else is working...JFYI: when i open my burned copy it shows everything the original has on it....and yet when my husband inserts the original in his PC and i insert the burned copy in doesnt work...any help at all would be great...I've made 2 backup copies with clonecd and clony and neither one works..................Smackee
I have personally made a copy of warcraft 3 using clone CD, get the latest version, and when you go to copy it, it should give you the option of what type it is, chose game, if that doesnt work, go here:

Game Copy World

And download the NO CD patch.
you jumped right in to our discussion of what is illegal and what's llegal. I total encourage this kind of act, btw.
you can rather go to the site above and download the no-cd patch or you can download the exe-fix, from the same site.. (no-cd patch will make it work without the cd, ofcourse, and the exe-fix will not ask you to insert the cd but will need the cd). either way, it isn't that much of a problem.
enjoy your gaming, cheers (b) m8..
(nice to see some nice ladies around ;))
Ya, I know this is not illegal, there is no reason not to do it either, if you own the game, I hate having to change CD's and not to mention, when I play Diablo 2, it tries to spin up while im playin, and lags me out. Not anymore!
Alrighty both are fabulous...because i now have my game working and im going to kick my husbands bum!...-tounge in cheek-...Thanks so much for the help...=)
LOL^@discussion of cracks, llegal or not.. no matter, problem solved :)
just cause I wonder, can you tell what have you done to make it work (what of the things..)? thanks.. (I'm just interested in way of choise, self poll.. ) thanks..
Actually...since i had a choice between two things i decided to take them both..*smirks*...that way at least one would work right? downloaded the multi pack from game burn world and it had the no cd and the exe and umm something else in it.
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