Trouble With New GFX Card - Part II

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you're using the Detonator drivers, yes? not drivers that have been provided by microsoft? which version of the detonator drivers are you using?

is this a fresh install of winXP? or have you replaced an older card?
Just a quick Q: did you uninstall your old drivers first? Usually you can do this through add/remove programs.

You can delete the registry entries by using RegCleaner.

For now, try using the Detonator 30.82 drivers to be safe, even though the 41.09's are official.
instead of thinking the video card is the problem for a minute how old is your mobo
it might be worthwhile to get the updated bios drivers from the manufacturer of your mobo
could be the solution
Try changing the vid card brand

My Guess is also a mobo and vid card uncompatible. Check your mobo to see if it says anything about what vid cards to use and what not to.

Ive had a little prob with the first vid card I got for my computer (winfast A250 something) a GeForce 4 Ti 4600. Second day the display goes blank and when I pop the case open. the card fried a small chip in it (u can see it melted). Then I got a replacement from the company, winfast, It happened again. I sent the card back, and got another brand (eVGA) GeForce 4 Ti 4600. Works good! (Motherboard uncompatible)
Yes, check Chaintech's site concerning BIOS updates and issues/incompatibilities with interface card's or other hardware.

The biggest incompatibility I had in the past was with the EpoX 8KHA+ mobo and the Visiontek GF4 Ti 4600, due to capacitors coming into contact with each other, but after switching to an ASUS V8460, all was quite well.
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