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I have just updated my comp with brand new parts except for my HDD's 1 SATA & 1 IDE previously i had no problems with startup but now BIOS recognizes both drives but wont boot from either drive unless i have a bootable cd in.
The thing that i cant work out is why it wont boot ive done a fresh install of windows and got the correct SATA driver installed and still nothing.
IT DOESNT BOOT FROM CD but that just seems to allow the SATA to read. Ive been through bios and changed all the boot priority to reflect the Sata as first to boot. Doesnt work and now im lost.
Help Appreciated
Have you changed the jumper settings on the HD's ? have you made sure that the master HD is set as the master with the jumpers ? and that the secondary HD is set as slave with the jumpers on that drive ?
There are no jumpers on sata's just make the ide the slave, or try unhooking the ide untill you have windows installed. What do you mean you can't boot from CD, If not how did you format and install XP?
yes triple checked the jumpers and my ide is primary slave cd is secondary slave. I can boot form cd (only way i reinstalled xp) but i cant boot from SATA without a cd in drive. it just wont kick into gear. The entire system worked b4 the new parts but had RAM probs so got a new system apart from HDD.
Oh and when i say it doesnt boot from CD i mean that it says press any key to boot from cd I DONT HIT ANYTHING i let it bypass the cd boot if i hit anything it would go to xp setup cus i use the xp install disc.
All fixed now ty for suggestions i found my issue was that my IDE 1 was conflicting with SATA drive so instead of having it located at ide 0 (primary) ive moved it to secondary master and cd as sec slave now it all works beautifully and stable as a rock
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