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Hello people,
My names is Todd. I am trying to build a business for my mother and i need a triple processor that would go up to between 7 and 9 ghz. if anybody knows where i can get one or knows anythign about it please contact me, i would really like to know that as soon as possible. my email is . thank you, tell me. PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME IF THERE IS ONE THAT CAN GO THIS HIGH.
I dont believe they make 3 proccessor systems. At least bot mainstream, the intervals are 1proc, 2, 4, 6, etc..

As of right now AMD only makes dual proc boards, but Intel has a number of multiprocessor boards, check out for some reviews, and do a search for multiproccessor on google.
Check for some nice dual and quad proc setups.

p.s.- you dont have to P.M. me, i check for replies every few min.
As far as I know, they dont really go 3 processor like Ecniv said. I am using a dual right and now and when I was shopping around for mobos and processors, I didnt ever come across any triple processor mobos.
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