Triple Monitors???


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I play NR2003 and I just bought a cockpit and I want to upgrade my monitors by adding 2 more.

My current video card is a pci express X16 and it has 2 DVI outputs. Now I only have 2 other unused PCI slots.

Question is Can I use a PCI card to run one monitor and the PCI express card to run the other 2?

My mobo has a on-board card but it deactivates when a pci card is inserted so I can not use it.

The mobo is a MCP61pm-HM

I only play 1 game NR2003 racing sim and maybe Guild Wars once in a blue moon.

Thanks for any information you may be able to give me.

A little info on my setup

AMD Athlon Dual Core 2.30 Processor
3 GB Memory DDR2 (soon to go up to 8 GB when I upgrade to 64 BIT SYSTEM)
Windows Vista (32 bit system) Gonna upgrade to windows 7 shortly
650watt power Supply
Onboard Sound. (upgrade soon)

My current windows rating is a 5.0 Everything else around a 5.8 to 5.9 processor is at a 5.0


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That is a little high for me at the moment. I already have the monitors (all the same 24 asus's)

I was hoping I could run two on the pci express card and one on a pci card.

I have this card

Was gonna add this card

I wan the system to have a stretched view not the same on all monitors.

I am gonna use 3 of these.