tried everything i could find


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Hey all, am having trouble with my gateway desktop computer.....When ever i push in the power cord the power button on front of the computer keeps flashing but it won't turn on,when i pull the main power from the mother board an push it back in the fan spins for a half a sec then turns right back off... i tried taking out the cmos battery in hoping it would drain all the power but it does not work..i tried removing the ram an putting them in 1 by 1 but i still get the same problem...
this is where it all began i have an online game on my pc an i notice when i updated the game my computer would keep freezing up so i suspect it was the update, So i said let me restart my computer hoping it would fix the problem.. when i turn it back on it would stay stuck at the splash screen an would not boot any further.. so i opened it up an took out the ram to see if that woulld change anything but still the same problem i read some place that take out the ram an if the boards gives continious beeps that the board is good.. but after doing that when i ever i push in the power cord the power button light would just keep blinking but would not turn on... Did i do something wrong that screwed up everything...


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Put the power cord in and then hold the power button on the case until it turns off. It might take between 5-20 (or so) seconds for it to turn off but it should eventually. Then turn it back on and see if it works.