Tri-monitor attempt, 2nd card seen, but not used

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I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, however after many hours of searching for a solution, I haven't run across one.

I currently am running Windows 7 64 with an nVidia GTX460 in a standard dual monitor setup. I have just come into possession of a Cintiq, and wanted to add it as a 3rd display. To accomplish this, I have undusted an nVidia G210 I had from a build I made last year and added it to the second PCI-E slot. NOTE, I did not attempt to run SLI, or even try to configure SLI (I know exactly what that is and how it works, just clarifying that it is not my intention to run SLI).

Here's where the problem starts.
The original 460 has no problems, nVidia control panel works fine for this card, I still have TwinView enabled and all. However, the G210 is not showing up in nVidia Control Panel.
Odd.... I went into the Device Manager to ensure that there wasn't any conflicts going on. Bingo, apparently there is.
The only information I've been given, is that there's a small yellow exclamation icon on the G210, and the Device Status yields "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I have attempted to install, and or reinstall 3 different versions of the nVidia driver, all to no avail.
If I uninstall from Device Manager, the nvidia driver goes kaput, and I'm left with standard VGA. If I disable, the screen goes black. (I pushed reset after 5 mins of blackness).

Anyone have suggestions as to what is going on? I'm at a complete loss.

Intel i5 750 Lynnfield
MSI P55-GD65
1x NVidia GTX 460 768MB
1x NVidia G210
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