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I downloaded from Microsoft a translation tool--Browne Global--that allows you to translate a document in Word 2002. However, the translation tool only allows me to translate one word at a time, even though there are options to translate "Entire document" or "Selected Text." When I went to Browne Global's site they said to ask Microsoft Dowloads. Yeah, right. Any suggestions? Thanks the sarcasm. ^_^

yeah, my recommendation would be to learn the language or find someone who does know it.

if you are trying to reach a foreign audience, any machine generated translations are going to sound akward and incorrect to a native speaker. you would probably be as likely to offend someone as to communicate the information.

if you're trying to understand something written in a foreign language, again...I recommend getting someone who knows the language. it's too easy to mis-translate...especially in languages (like our own) where similar words can mean drasticly different things.
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