Transfering files between WinXp and Ubuntu on VPC2004


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Hiya all!

Can anyone help me please? I currently have Ubuntu Linux installed on my Windows PC using Mirco$oft Virtual PC 2004.

I want to know if there is an easy way to transfer files from Ubuntu to/from WindowsXP. The only way I can currently do it is to use floppy disks which really dont hold much data at all. Is there anyway I can use my 5gb FAT32 memory stick? I tried plugging it in but Ubuntu didnt pick it up at all..

Can anyone please help be find a quick and easy process of copying files across?

Thank you,


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Have u got a dvd burner? 8gb or 5gb at a time should be adequate especially if you have a dvd-rw/+rw/-ram disc.


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Yeah, I have, but I dont want to keep burning disks all the time for the odd file or two..

Is there anyway I can use my USB memory stick? That would be the best way for me..


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You can always upload them onto, and then down them... How much information do you need to transfer?