transfer hard drive?

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this is surely an old office is phaseing out our old ibm's that used winnt..we're down to one machine but i still need information/progs that were on another. my ? is can i/how do i move the hard drives from one machine..........and add them to the one that is left? i physically moved one but it doesn't allow my machine to boot from my existing c: drive .......... the drive that i need to move is a "kangurudisk" with a ide or the other works fine............but not both

hope that's not too confusing but ......point me in the right direction if possible

MicroBell......thanx for reply!
i moved hd & designated as slave.........but machine is still trying to boot as if "new" drive is master.....also .....i lose ability to connect to internet......again as if its looking for port on "old" machine ...................i suppose it could be the nature of "kangurudisk"........???btw both os=nt.......
ok so available to extract contents from one drive to another(i have another hd that is identical to the drive in the machine i want to use)?
thanx again!
let's see..........they are on a stone tablet around here somewhere..........

at/at compaitble
ibm bios ver nvkt56.0
intel x86 family6 model5 stepping1 ~398mHz
160meg ram
wd 1.9gig hd

auto detection is one i may have overlooked.............ill give that a look......................thanks again!!
Exactly what MicroBell said! Make sure your Pins are set to slave and the cables are hooked up right. This brings me to a long...unwanted story to tell...

It all happened when me and a few boys from school (They are n00bs at computer building) Came over my house and awaited my brand new Xaser ][ Thermaltake w/ Side window. Finally it started raining and no sight of the FedEx truck. We then saw him drive buy so we went out and got on Bikes (Bikes? YES! Bikes!) In the pouring rain and chased him around the block. We stationed each other with walkie-talkies and one stayed back at base. We kept a close eye on the truck until it came back around to head towards our main base. Me and my other boy raced back to base while the other there was ready to recieve the package. I got there in time to recieve the package and bring it in! Mission Accomplished I thought but we still had to transfer one computer to the next. That was a hassle teaching them what and how to do it. Finally it was done. I checked it over after we worked for 1 1/2 hours transfering the whole computer. We then hooked it up and it booted up immediatly. I then shut it down and put my Blue LED inside the case w/ 5 extra case fans blowing. Until a little while ago, I noticed there was a mistake that was maken when switching cases and that was we had the cable hooked up from my Motherboard, to my CD-RW and to my Hard drive but it was in the wrong slot! It still works however and Mission Accomplished!

Why did I write that? I don't know! Why did I write it wierd? Im hyper tonight! :p

Peace, Game, Score, I Win! :D

I wasn't a help was I? DAMN! :(
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