Tracing email in hotmail


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Is it possible to find someone's IP Address from an Email they sent you to a Hotmail account.

I have went into Options and changed the mail settings to advance so it shows all "Complex" information.

But can you tell by that information what one is there IP. If so where is it at the top of the mail cause theres all sorts of letters and digits

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David Lindon

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Yes. View it in outlook express, highlight the email and right click. Go to message source and it will say: Received from: name blah blah (


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Like I saw a movie once about like some like trial and like there was like illegal stuff going on. So she used a hotmail account for her email cuz she said it was untracable but dont know.


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Um, e-mails are hard to trace, considering they are stored on a server, which basically acts as a proxy for you.

You access a server -> Create an email -> send it to a target server -> user logs into the server and reads it.

So you'd need to accualy contact the server logs to find out. Which of course hotmail would never do, neither would yahoo, or gmail, or anything.

Now there are more sneaky ways of doing it of course, everything from sending a reply that says: click on this link , and link them up to an IP catching site, so you can see the person's IP when they go on. Or you can send an attachment with some simple HTML, so when they open it, it'll pick up the IP and send it to you. I have no use of doing this, so I've never accualy done it.

Of course, if the user is doing a proxy, or even a proxy string, you're pretty screwed.