Toshiba Qosmio G10-133 Cooling Problems


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I recently had a message saying that there is a "Cooling Problem" with my laptop contact service dept.

I had noticed that the computer was sounding a bit noisy. Like a dirty fan. I ordered a part from a Toshiba Service Centre but was sent the wrong cooling module.

I have taken the laptop apart and cleaned the original fan and heat sink. I restarted the laptop, the fan was pumping out some air, but again I got the same error message about the cooling problem. I did notice that despite the fan was working, it used to get more powerful if the computer was doing work. This is not now happening. I am going to reorder the cooling module again, and hopefuly get sent the correct item. Is ther anything else that could be wrong. What controls the speed of the fan? Is there any other cooling fans in the laptop apart from the cooling module I have already seen?

Help really needed here.....I am fed up using my old Tosh Sat Pro.

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well i'm not a big laptop user but there is one thing you can check. i would try to boot up the bios & check in there if there is a setting that would keep the fan running all the time. i would check in the power settings too, to see if the OS is controlling the cooling or the bios controlling it.