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Apple's most important event of the year took place this week and the new iPhone 14 series is on everyone's mind. Our trending chart is completely dominated by the new arrivals, while a couple of their predecessors also gained ground as people were doing comparisons and considering if they should upgrade.

The iPhone 14 Pro ended up on top, just ahead of the 14 Pro Max. The two Pros offer far more upgrades than the other two new phones so it's no wonder they are getting more of the spotlight.

The vanilla iPhone 14 completes the podium, while the 14 Plus is getting the least attention. Early pre-orders tell a similar story of relatively low interest in that one.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is fifth, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in sixth is the highest-placed non-Apple phone on the chart.

The iPhone 13 got to seventh, while the Galaxy A53 held onto its place on the chart and took eight.

Another new announcement from this week - the Huawei Mate 50 Pro - took ninth, while the Redmi Note 11 is the solitary Xiaomi representative in tenth place.

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Well, coming from a 12 pro max to the 14 pro max I’m leaning towards I should not have bothered. I love my 12 pro max, and sitting down with the two phones side by side opening up identical apps that I use on a daily basis, more often than not they open up at the same speed, occasionally the 14 will be a fraction faster, but for daily use imo the difference is just a nothing burger most of the time. Even the fast refresh on the 14 compared to my 12 PM, I barely notice a difference in the day-to-day stuff, because the 12 already performed well.
As for the camera, I don’t shoot videos much, but I’m sure the action video will come in handy one day. As for the stills, they are ok, the zoom range is a bit of a disappointment.

At the moment, I kinda feel that there are little to no improvements in the 14 series... I probably should have waited for next year, though I might change my tune a couple of months down the track, but that is my current feeling.
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