Top 10 things to do on the internet when your bored as hell!

Half Evil

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Well I sure dont know.. do you?

Well lets see.. I want to talk to my girl friend. Shes asleep. I want to watch a movie.. but their downstairs, and that risks waking up the parents. I could play some video games, but their lound, and the tv is bright! So I also want to listen to my music. On my computer.. And my internet sucks too much for games.. So.. im left wit regualr old internet. What do you guys do on it when your bored?


In Runtime
if your parents are asleep ... use the tv .. they wont notice .. i do it all the time ... and for sound, eithr off the music on your comp or the TV ... just use ear/head phones


Fully Optimized
Yea go to google find a game to play or go find a IRC server and try to find someone to chat too. I understand how you feel somtimes your just so freaking bored its not funny. Or go to sleep.