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So when i was a kid im now 21 I was in the schools student computer squad and i built and fixed PCs and had my own tools which mostly came from Radio Shack and my basic kit broke on me from Radio Shack they were all beat up as i sort of phased out and worked on cabinets id sorta abuse them put them in drills because they were the only right bits i had fr my drill and so on but I never really cared fr that one because I didnt like the bulky hard case the only tool kit I had that i was sad about was my Radio Shack cell phone repair kit with the suction cups that was usefull for taking the hard drive out of my Mac

So anyway ive been looking for new computer tools to replace my old ones and then some. Can anyone give any advice on where i can find computer safe tools I have a Best Buy and a Home Depot its easier fr me to buy them over the counter because I have a debit card I dont like using online I always look for computer safe written on the packaging And saw a Stanley precision screwdriver kit at a supermarket 5.99 i plan to get for example.

So far my left over computer kit includes

Electrical Tape (I love electrical taping things [emoji1303])
1 Anti-Static strap
A non magnetic screw driver pen with 4 super tiny bits
An awesome Commercial electric battery test kit i can use to test bios batterys

I keep all this stuff in a nerd style man tope LOL I was able to get with an Ebay gift card IMG_2216.jpg

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Try micro mark they have alot of the tools you need. Its a site for model trains but the same tools are used for both.

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Try a paypal account. Works on more than ebay.