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Hi, I'm new here and appreciate anyone's help if they can give it to me.

I run a small office with six computers linking to one shared file and a database on a main pc.

Just recently I tried to add another pc which would make it eight in total and I now get a message saying 'No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are as many connections as the computer can accept'.

After a little research I believe there are a maximum of 10 connections that can be made to a standard Windows XP O/S. Strange thing is there are only seven/eight PC's? Could it be something to do with a phone system I have via BT which links via the Office Network, it's called a BCM50...

Cheers very much.


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M$ states "For Windows XP Professional, the maximum number of other computers that are permitted to simultaneously connect over the network is ten. This limit includes all transports and resource sharing protocols combined." So even if 8 client connect, the two other might be other resources or protocols.

Not sure if that device is causing the problem, but there is no easy way around this limit. XP Home is limited to 5 connection.

You can use other file sharing application like FTP. FTP would probably be a better service that won't limit you to how many connection.

You might have a better response next time if you posted in the Computer Networking & Internet Access where most people browse.
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