Too Hot?


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HP Pavillion 9700?

550 Atnec Earthwats PSU: I added
AMD 64x2 1.5 MHZ?: Stock
BFG 7950GT : I added

1 Stock Case Fan I think its a 120mm

I have two fans, one in the front, and one on the side that I put in..

3 fans total: plus the one on the processor.

Its a stock case with a little custom work done to the side to get the fan to set in..

However according to Everrest, my Gpu is running full load at 77C, and my HDD is running right at 40C

is that alright? or a little hot?

and what should I do about it?

I'v head that the AMD's run a little warm as is..


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GPU's do run hot, and that seems okay to me, if a little on the warm side.

I wouldn't worry about it though. Most GPU's have thermal threshholds of 120 degrees C for a reason.

Theres so many mini processors working there socks off on a card like that, that you must expect more heat than lets say, on a CPU.

If you can, open a window.

May I ask if its also running in a generic case, that may not have sufficent cooling anyway?


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GPUs can withstand much higher temperatures than CPUs.

I would recommend however that you take the fan off the side of the case and remount it at the rear so the front acts as intake and rear exhaust. This would create better airflow and cooler case temps.


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well I have three fans.

One 120mm stock case fan.

A fan in the front of the case that doesn't get that good of ventallation, remember its a stock case, I rigged it to work.

The fan on the side of the case, I had to make the vent holes a bit wider to slap a fan on there...

Before, my case was a lot warmer...

I think all the fans are blowing air into the case. I may, flip the back fan around and have air blowing out.

Its a 3 year old computer though..