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Sorry if this is not in the correct forum but can anyone tell me how do you set up something like your TomBot? I think its brilliant.

Thanks for any info,
Tombot is based on Program E, an AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) implementation using PHP and MySQL. As far as I know, however, you must purchase Vbulletin in order to download Tombot, so unless you already own it you're probably better off finding another implementation.

Personally, I've used ProgramE as well as Block-Chatterbot for PHPNuke. Both were very simple to use and customize, which includes adding your own responses and phrases. Both programs can be found at
Thank you - I do have VB and did a search at and found the same thing really.. Thanks again and what a great idea.
The only thing I dislike about tombot is there is still a 30 second rule, I think you should take that off in that forum, because we don't get any post credit for posting there anyway.
Sorry gemiller that cant be done for just one forum :( the 30 second rule is to help prevent spam and accidental double posts.
MisticStorm said:
I've never used Tombot so what exactly is the 30 second rule??

*feeling really dumb for having to ask* :)

Try and make two posts in less than 30 seconds and you will find out :D
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