To network or not?


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Hi I'm new to this forum so apologies if this has been covered before.
I am after some advice regards my son's Laptop, He is heavily into his music and the laptop isn't powerful enough to keep running all of the music programs he uses at the same time. He uses a mixture of Rekordbox, Ableton, FL studios as well as youtube and general web browsing. Because he is asking the laptop to control multiple programs aswell as power his Decks and launch pad, it keeps buckling under the pressure and crashing.
I had an idea but need to know if it is feasible? if i bought a powerful Desktop base unit (i have seen some with an i3 6100/7100 processor and upto 32gb Ram) loaded all of the programs onto the base unit and used the laptop to access it remotely could this solve his problems. the laptop would still need to control the decks and launchpad but is it possible to use the baseunit just for its processing power as a sort of cloud based system and the laptop as a sort of terminal to access the desktop remotely?
Just as a side note, i am looking at this rather than just replacing the laptop as the baseunit will A) be much cheaper than a laptop B) be much higher spec from the offset C) be upgradeable in the future.

Any help you guys can give me or links you can give to enable me to read up on this will be greatly appreciated