To David


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Thanks I got your the message
At the 1st time, when I registered it, I wanted to know the way of the solution as I told you before.. >> the word pad problem
During I got your acception of it, I'v been researched into the way of solution..then forturnately I could make it before then,
so, I was so happy and I wanted to share with others the way of solution
so, I posted it
There could be many ways of solution and It could be just one of many solution (as like, I recieved an e-mail from a very kind and computer professional person before.. )

and Now,I have one question
If I would asked to you the way of solution on this, what would you say?

You could answer to me, as like that
Don't you think of it?
then, also, It would be a spam?


actually, I solved the problem, so I don't need to post this any more.
so, I may delete it soon
and just you have to know, It was for you ( all for you )
How good I was!
Don't you agree with me?
again, I'll delete it soon
thanks again
and when I have a question, then you could answer the question ( If
you could solve the problem or know the right answer )
Have a nice day~!★

(PS) I could not find the thread which I wanted to delete..
could it be possible, would you delete it plz
then thanks


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There is no deleting option in addition part..
so, could it be possible could you delete this thread plz..
then, thanks
Have a nice day~!★