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I've learned a few tips and tricks which I thought i'd share. Aslo maybe some day some will search for a post like this and found it useful or someone today might.

1. CPU Resitting
Problem: PC one day decieded not to boot up or boot up strangely or somthing weird is happening on bootup.
Generally happens when/if: After the PC has been in constant use with very cheap parts for a very long time. Plagues HPs and Compaqs from what I heard.
Cause: The heat, and cooling of the CPU will slowly move the pins, very slowly that is and a pin may become disconnected just slightly.
Fix: Take off the HSF and take out the CPU, then simply reinsert the CPU. Reapply HSF with thermal paste (after cleaning both CPU, and HSF) and boot up. The pins should be reconnected.

2. HD broken?
Problem: You dropped your PC you aren't sure if your its HD or somthing else that might of broke.
Generally Happesn when/if: You dropped it or just old age can happen to really any HD.
Cause: Gravity, or old age again.
Fix: Well if its broken then your pretty much screwed you could have the data recovered but it'd cost you a arm and leg plus some BUT this is how you can tell if its actually your HD. Take the HD out of the case and place it ona flat surface with the metal part sticking up and the HD plugged into the PC. Boot up the PC the PC should boot up (PCs don't require a operating HD to bootup) now place your hand directly ont he metal portion of the HD. You should feel it clicking if its a steady movement your read/write head is broken.

Also if your having a hard time doing a build reduce your parts to the MOST BASIC PARTS this is 1 stick of ram, mobo, and GPU. If you wanty to merely get it booted up that is, if you want to install XP CD drive, and ONE HD.

Just some tips and tricks i've learned at my internship felt i'd share them.


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For the CPU one, it actually depends. Usually if you have a good heatsink, it'll apply a bit of pressure on the CPU, so I doubt it would move anywhere.


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Hey some new tips.

This is a HUGE ONE I believe, my boss said he ran into about a year ago. He said he spent a week trying to figure it out. Then he finalyl found his answer.

Situtation: You have just installed XP, and the drivers for the video. You go to reboot, and XP logo pops up, bios etc. Then mointor goes blank, error on mointor is not from the PC but just the mointor and it says "Over Range" and your sitting there like "OMFG! BAD DRIVERS!" so what do you do ?
Cause: A setting in the driver made the setting ultra high or somthing and your mointor as my boss puts it says "Screw you, I ain't doing that"
Fix: Reformat XP? Hah sure if ya got 30 or 45 more mins to waste, and chances are will run into the problem again. Boot up into safe mode if this doesn't work attempt to boot up in VGA mode, and lower the resoulation as well as review all settings on the mointor it could be anything it could be the hetz or anything. Change it to a more responabile level, reboot into normal mode. Proof fixed, O BTW you just saved those 40 mins you were going waste, so you can go watch your TV show.

I learned one more tip, but it had to do with out to smell a PSU, and see if its burnt out or not and I can't really describe it.