Time to upgrade my Mac?

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Mark J

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I got a PowerMac around one and a half years ago, and was wondering if I should look into a upgrade? I’m going to be using video editing programs like Final Cut Pro, so sped up render times would be nice. I’m using Mac OS 9, so I should probably get 10.2 as well. I’d like to use programs like After Effects, but when I tested the demo on my computer, it was extremely slow. Here are the specs of the PC – if you could give your opinion on an upgrade I’d be grateful. :)

Dual PowerPC G4 800MHz processor
Build-in memory: 768mb (256mb SDRAM plus 512mb SDRAM)
Two 80gb hard drives
Zip Drive

And the "display card":

Card type: NVDA,GeForce2
Card Name: NVDA,Parent
Card Model: GeForce2 TwinView
VRAM size: 64MB
Yeah I agree MicroBell. I think that you should upgrade just about everything to be the best for VE. Check out the new iMacs and PowerMacs at apple.com.
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