Time to choose a mouse - which Razer?


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As some of you know I am building a high-end gaming pc.

Now I'm doing my homework on mice. I have a Logitech MX Laser wireless (the one that comes with keyboard). I'm getting kinda tired of it. I have read all over the Internet and Razer are all the rage now. They score big time on almost all reviews.

But which of the razer mouse is best?

They have:

I think it's gonna be either the Copperhead, or Deathadder since those are their latest products.

I would like to hear you guys/gals' opinion.


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They're both very good. But, I think you should go to a store and check them out first-hand (pun intended). Some people don't like the feel of copperheads and/or deathadders, and you should cop a feel (hehe) before you buy one.


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Yeah, try them out so you can decide if you like the feel or not. I really like my Diamondback, and I think it's the best one Razer has to offer. You might want to check out the Logitech G5 and the MX518, both are very good mice.


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I don't like the feet of the razer that much. I got the G5 for xmas, its awesome. good shape to it, and it comes with weights so you can make it heavier/lighter

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I still think the Mx 518 is the winner for Optical.. And hell, as I had no problems with it, I wouldnt pay the extra for a laser.. And ive had this mouse for YEARS


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my friends have mx518...its a good mouse, i just don't like its texture. At first i didnt like the G5's but i have grown to it and i LOVE it. Its awesome, im coming from a microsoft mouse.