Tiled 3360x1050 Background tiles from right monitor onto left monitor


Baseband Member
Hi there, I'm using Windows 7 and I'm very surprised at the horrible design of the desktop features. I'm trying to set a 3360x1050 background to tile so that it should go from the top left of my left monitor and tile all the way down to the bottom right corner of my right monitor. My right monitor is currently the default monitor and the one I want all my programs and the start bar to be on (because the left monitor is kind of at the edge of the desk). I have considered switching the connection cables on the monitors but have figured that doing that would probably just mean I have to use the HDMI connector on my primary monitor, which isn't a great idea since I run all my games off that and the monitor doesn't use HDMI and would require an extension.

Help me, what can I do!?