Three highly anticipated games....

is she hot or not?

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I saw the E3 movie of it at the Tech-Net in Nashville on Tuesday and I do have to say that it's impressive.
All of them!

But most of all Half-Life 2...Ever since I watched the new movie/game footage.
I voted Doom 3 but not to say that I'm highly not also anticipating the others. I just really enjoy a FPS that has a single player scenario that entertains, and that evokes the sort of feeling you get when you don't really know what is going to happen, and gets you to escape reality at the same time. I do think that the best Multi-player will be all Half-Life 2 based on what I've seen/heard, but maybe Doom 3 will suprise us in Multi-player mode.

Half-Life single player storyline was like this, but I found Doom suprised me by the sheer quality of levels,...the levels were very cool and if you can overlook the graphics quality limits of the time, the design and suprises (i.e. floor giving out under you, chain reaction brrel explosions etc) were unpredictable and fun to experience. I remember the first time I exploded a barrel in back of a monster, and the spray explode toward me while hearing the splatter of gib. Cool!

Half-Life was exceptional as well, but personally I liked the flavour of the Doom atmosphere.

This is all IMHO of course.
Half-Life 2! I've waited soo long for it! Surely not nearly as long as DOOM 3 but still I'm still playing Half-life right now and all of us online can't wait! :D
halo 2

i just gonna own em all IMO because all of us have been waiting to play halo on live!
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